The Story of the Roadrunner Inn and Beaver Lake Log Cabin

THE DREAM OF ROADRUNNER INN & Beaverlakeview resort

While staying at Roadrunner Inn or Beaver Lake Log Cabins, your daily comforts and needs will be under the skillful direction and watchful eye of innkeeper, Bob Williams. For those of you who have met Bob, you know that he wears many hats: he’s the housekeeper, local entertainment guide, landscaper, dog wrangler, and most of all, an attentive and congenial host. Your stay would not be complete without spending some time shooting the breeze with Bob.

Bob often tells guests of what led him to purchase the Roadrunner Inn back in 2003. He tells stories of the countless vacations he and friends spent in Eureka Springs at Beaver Lake, and how they always stayed at the Roadrunner. You can certainly take Bob’s word for it when he says, “There’s just no place like this on earth!”

When the property came up for sale, Bob scrambled to make his dream of owning it a reality. He's been running the place ever since, making improvements, adding amenities, and rolling out the Roadrunner Inn Welcome Mat to more and more guests each year.

Regular guests know that the Roadrunner Inn wouldn’t be what it is without Bob. He’ll make your stay incredibly memorable, fun, relaxing…and he’ll even make your bed!

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